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Getting Started


Bulk Link Shortener is a tool that allows you to shorten a set of links in just one click. You just need to paste one link into one line. You may shorten up to unlimited links with a bulk link shortener tool.

Use Cases

Bulk Link Shortener can be used for:-

  1. Publishers can short unlimited URLs with a single click.
  2. When publishers need so many URL shortener at one time, then use this tool.
How To Use

 Follow the following steps to use Bulk Link Shortener tool:-

Step 1:- Each member and publisher can find this tool by navigating to the Public dashboard >> Tools >> Bulk Link Shortener tool appears.

Step 2:- Make a collection of links you want to shorten and past them into the box as given below:

For example:

  •  https://google.com
  • https://youtube.com
  •  https://twitter.com

Step 3:- Now click on Shorten button to make a short link for each link.

[Note: Always shorten legal and spam-free links as per our policy or google policy violence. The ‘Bulk link shortener’ can be disabled to your account if abused.]