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Getting Started


We are trying to make our service easier and more comfortable to use. Every user can use the shortest and smart way to shorten links with Shareus URL Shortener Direct Link Tool.

Direct Link is a very useful tool of Shareus URL Shortener, the shortest way to shorten links. It allows users to shorten links without logging into the ShareUs member dashboard.


Use Cases

Direct Link tool used for:-

  1. Publishers can short their URL without login into the shareus dashboard.
  2. Fastest Way to short any URL.
How To Use

Follow the following steps to use the direct link tool:-

Step 1:- Each member can find this information by navigating to Dashboard >> Tools & API >> Direct Link

Step 2:- Just copy the below link and paste it to the address bar in your web browser.

Step 3:- Change the last part to the destination link with your own link (for example https://shareus.ionp/stapi=c3cb7df665d174a775da473ed9e81d7a8d5409ac&url=destination_url) and press enter.

Step 4:- ShareUs URL Shortener will redirect you to your shortened link.