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How To Use Direct Link Tool in ShareUs URL Shortener?

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We are trying to make our service easier and more comfortable to use. Every user can use the shortest and smart way to shorten links with Shareus URL Shortener Direct Link Tool.

Direct Link is a very useful tool of Shareus URL Shortener, the shortest way to shorten links. It allows users to shorten links by logging into the Shares member dashboard.

How to get direct link option in Shareus URL Shortener?

Each member can find this information by navigating to Dashboard >> Tools >> Direct Link as you can see the below

How to use the Direct Link Tool of URL Shortener?

  1. Login to your Shareus Account
  2. Go to Tools & API > Direct Link

Copy your direct link

Paste your direct link in any browser

Replace in your direct link with your destination link.

Done, Press enter your link will be open instantly.

ShareUs URL Shortener will redirect you to your shortened link. Copy it wherever you want and If you need any help or support feel free to contact us from the member dashboard. Thank you.