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How To Use Shareus Retry Payment Feature – Full Guide

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An automatic payment arrangement with a publisher allows the creditor to withdraw money from a SharesUs Account to your UPI ID. It is normally used for regular Daily payments on ShareUs Platform.

How ShareUs Automatic Payment System Works?

ShareUs platform is made up of highly AI-based Technology, where we are trying to make our service easier and more comfortable to use. The only thing you have to do is while creating an account in ShareUs fill in the required details and UPI ID and start earning by sharing your links. When you’re earning reached a minimum of Rs5 threshold. The payment is automatically withdrawn to your account at every midnight you have to do nothing.
ShareUs supports all popular UPI apps like PhonePe, GooglePay, PayTM, BHIM, etc.

How ShareUs Retry Payments System Works?

Retry Payments system helps publishers to withdraw their stuck earnings. Sometimes it happens that due to the UPI server being down the publishers did not receive their earnings every midnight. So, for those genuine publishers retrying the payments system is very useful.

How to use ShareUs Retry Payments System?

To use Retry Payments System you have to follow the following steps.
1. log in to your shareus account.

2. Click on Wallet Option.

3. Check Payment Status “Paid” or “Reversed“.

4. If the payment status is “reversed” then you have to select the date of reversed payment in the Retry payments section.

5. Then click on Retry, it will help you to release your failed and stuck payments of shareus instantly.

Note:- Retry every 1 hour only after the first use. Don’t request again and again otherwise your account will be suspended.

That’s it, this is the whole process of the retry payments System.