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How To Use ShareUs Telegram Bot?

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Today in this blog we will learn how to use ShareUs Telegram Bot, we give you one more way to shorten links outside the dashboard. The Telegram bot is a great tool for creating short URLs without logging into your ShareUs account.

Why You Should Use  ShareUs Telegram Bot for Link Shortening

The main advantage of shortening links via the Telegram bot is that it saves time. There is no need to open a browser or log in to a account every time to short your any urls, And so on. You just need to send your link to the shareusBot in telegram, And it will send you automatically a converted url of which will be linked with your shareus account.

How the Telegram Bot Works

The bot’s operating process is based on a ShareUs API key. To start link shortening with the bot, You need to authorise the ShareusBot with ShareUs API key with your account. After that, The bot’s features will be available.

How to use ShareUs bot?

Just follow the below simple steps to use ShareUs Bot correctly.

Step1. Open your Shareus account. Then click on Content monetizer > Tools > Shareus Bot.

Step 2. Follow the instruction.

First,  Select the CPM 500 > Select catgory, the type of link you short in your bot > Enter Tags.

Then, you can also monetize your URL with money. Just enable monetize with money feature and set the price you want to sell your link.

You can monetize your URL with ads as well as with money or by both.

Now SAVE the setting.


Setp 3. After saving all the setting click on Start Bot.

Step 4. Click On Start.


Step 5. Now You can Short any URL by just using ShareusBot With Telegram instantly

Example: Send URLs Like This (Enter Any URL Start with HTTP or HTTPS).
After Pasting The URL, Press Enter. it will send your shareus url automatically.



Done ! You have successfully linked your Telegram With ShareusBot now enjoy the easy process of link shortening

Still facing any issue? Watch our tutorial video about How To Setup Shareus Telegram Bot Step by Step.