Platform Bug Reports

Clicks not counting?

Yes we have recently solved this issue, It arises due to Our IP problem in API or if you are clicking from same IP address then it is also one of the reason.

Payment Pending or Reversed ?

we have 80-90% of payment accuracy. In upcoming days we will improve our accuracy rate. Few payments are pending and reversed due to UPI Down.

How To Get ShareUs Telegram Bot API?

If you want to short any link instantly then you can use ShareUs Telegram Bot API And If you want to make your custom Telegram Bot API then we are providing you ShareUs API follow this LInk

Is Can Shareus Handle 10,000 request at a time?

ShareUs Built With Powerful Technology and AI. We can handle unlimited Requests at a time. We have powerful server which is fully dedicated for ShareUs developers only, So go ahed and scale your ability by using ShareUs API, We can handle any amount of request at a time.

I need custom feature in shareus

ShareUs platform is fully custom made, where we can remove any bug or add any features. So, if you need any custom features then you can contact to our customer support or you can mail us on [email protected]