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What Is a Full-Page Script Tool and How To Use It?

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What is a full-page script tool?

A full-page script is a tool that can help you to shorten desired or entire links of your website automatically. This tool is very helpful for website owners who just want to earn money from their blog or website.

If you have a website with 100’s or 1000’s links and wanted to turn those links with shareUs links without any editing on your website content then full page script is a very helpful and promising solution to maximize your revenue.

How to use a full-page script?

Each member of ShareUs can find this tool in the dashboard by navigating  >> Tools >> Full page script as you can see in the image below 

Now let me guide You about the Domain selection Type:

You have two options Over here Include and Exclude 

Include – use this option if you want to short only links from the following domains list.

Exclude – use this option if you wish to short link except for the links you have provided here.

After adding your links and domains simply click on generate. You will get a full-page script like this, Copy the full-page script code and place it on the head closing tag </head> or body closing tag </body> of your website.

How to Put Full Page Script on WordPress website?

If you want to use our full page script on the WordPress website, We recommend you to use the insert header and footer plugin or if you don’t want to use any plugin then you need to have some WordPress theme editing knowledge.

Please follow the following procedure 

  1. Log into Your WordPress dashboard 
  2. Navigate Appearance >> Theme Editor >> Header.php >> search or find <head>tag and paste the code there >> save theme.

How to Put Full Page Script On Blogger Website?

  1. Log Into Blogger
  2. Click Theme>> Edit HTML >> Proceed

3. Search For Head Closing tag </head>

4. Paste the code just before the closing tag. ( if you are unable to save due to an invalid .xml format warning please convert regular script text to XML using a third-party XML converter tool.